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The Medical Billing Industry

The Medical Billing Industry is a part of the Health care industry . Medical Billing is the income generation
and financial-data management of a physician or a group of physicians’ practices. This means maintaining
all of the physician’s non-medical records and keeping track of and collecting all money due to him.
The client of the Billing Office may be one physician , a group of physicians working in the same hospital
practicing different specialties (Ophthalmology ,Anesthesia , etc) or a group of physicians practicing the
same specialty.
The Billing Office collects information relevant to the codes and forms from the physician’s Office. Using
these codes and forms , the billing office bills the insurance companies and patients on behalf of the
The insurance bills are sent out on claims. A claim is a request made the insurance company, by the billing
office on behalf of the physician’s for reimbursement of services provided to their members. A claim is
sent out on standardized forms that contains information regarding the patient, his coverage, the physician ,
the diagnosis and the treatment . A claim is either mailed or electronically transmitted to an insurance
Apart from creating and sending the claims, the billing office also maintains the accounts of all patients who
visited the physician, collects any money that is due from the insurance companies and patient and reports
the financial status of the physician’s practice for any given period. The goal of a billing office is to “Zero –
out “the balance on a patient record